Restaurant, Hospitality, and Brewery Marketing Platform

 World class influence marketing platform, priced specifically for locally owned restaurants, breweries, and the hospitality industry.

It is time to be honest, advertising is a waste of money for the average locally owned restaurant. That is why we built our marketing platform, to give locally owned businesses cutting edge marketing techniques that provide the highest possible return, and at a rate cheaper than most advertising campaigns.

Our program takes two decades of marketing experience working with and selling to huge names in tourism, non-profits, manufacturing, and technology companies and combines it into a systematic approach to marketing a local company. We create a multichannel marketing structure that is highly targeted with potential customers who match your business and then follow up with them to ensure engagements turn into customers.

 How it works

We build an attractive conversion page for restaurants. We then market that page to search engines and readers within our network. We then leverage our social media brand reputation, highly targeted social advertising, and content partners to bring high engagement at a very low cost. Finally, for a little gravy on top, we take the interaction history with your brand, non-partner competitors, and related content to retarget likely customers in order to provide a structured follow-up and increase the likelihood that they become a customer.


The Results

This sophisticated, multi-channel approach leads to a dramatic increase in every measurable way. Our engagement (the final measure of an ad campaign) shows an average increase of 5,000% and it comes at a fraction of the cost of normal advertising methods. Even better we are constantly monitoring and adjusting our methods to increase results over time. It is why over 40 small businesses across the state have used our marketing platform to achieve success since introducing it.


Percent Increase in Engagement


Average cost per engagement


12 months of marketing for the average cost of 1 monthly print ad

Full Features

  • Annual package
  • Organic and paid social media promotions using Rock City’s brand reputation, highly targeted to your customer base.
  • Organic and paid search engine marketing leveraging Rock City content and restaurant’s profile page.
  • Remarketing using customer activity to increase customer conversion and spending.
  • First access to local food events managed by Rock City.
  • Additional coverage through our media partners and influence network.
  • Marketing consulting sessions.
  • Discounted or free access to Rock City industry training events
  • Discounted rates on other Rock City marketing services

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